"We adore Wrigley and so does everyone who meets her! She is so pretty and smart and funny and her number one goal in life is to share it with her people. She loves to be where we are and she just fits in wherever she is. She loves camping, swimming, hiking, going running with the family runners, following the horses on rides and just hanging out with us. She is OBSESSED with balls and will play fetch all day long as long as there’s someone around to throw. She keeps the deer away and actually can act quite fierce when dealing with coyotes. She also had a run in with a skunk!  I have to admit that we were not really ‘dog people’ and couldn’t see ourselves letting one in the house and dealing with a clingy animal. She has the freedom to be in or outside while we are home and she roams freely outside when we are away as we are not near the road and she doesn’t leave our property. We were afraid we’d spoiled her as a puppy by letting her on the furniture and having her sleep in bedrooms but when she got bigger and we didn’t want to share the furniture any longer, it was never an issue. She has a favorite Adirondack chair that she sits in outside but inside she never gets on anything she shouldn’t. On nights that she sleeps in the house, she prefers to sleep in the hallway near the front door. While she loves to be with us, she has a nice sense of independence too. She has a few best dog friend buddies but generally prefers people. She was a quick learner at obedience classes and a favorite of the teachers due to her compliant and sweet nature. Wrigley has been a great dog for us in every way. We also really enjoyed that she had her littlest puppy months during the late fall and winter. We all decided that it’s nice to have her more grown up in the summer and able to do adult doggie things with her while we enjoy so many outdoor activities. She’s amazing and we couldn’t have made a better choice in picking a dog that was a fit for us!"

Grace - 2016 litter

Wrigley - 2016 litter

"We just love our Grace. She makes us laugh everyday; is ball crazed; has the best greeting "wiggle" ever, wonderful personality; smart and so very cute! She is at the top of her training class in everything she is asked to do. Even though we got the last puppy of the litter her quality is top notch. We couldn't ask for a better family member. Thank you Kelli! We are forever grateful to you."

"I was introduced to my best friend thanks to Lol-Goldens. The process was amazingly smooth and I was constantly updated! My pup is the love of my life and she is incredibly beautiful! She has the greatest personality and learns so fast. I love my baby and Lol-Goldens for this part of my life" ❤️(From M.L. Litter 9/2016)

Hermione - 2016 litter

"Casey is just so special... everyone who meets him in the neighborhood or at the park all comment what a handsome Golden he is with solid stature and such a beautiful coat. I'm so lucky to have found him with you... Thank YOU for this gift to our family!!!" 

-Marge July 2017​

Casey & Hunter at a play date

Casey - 2016 litter