Puppy Potty Chart

Puppies are started on Eukanuba puppy food for the first four months of their lives, then switched to a different brand. Breeder will go over details with you!


Do not buy Rope Toys, tug of war is not a good playtime, you are teaching them that it is okay to tug but what happens when they grab your shirt or pants leg? Rope toys can be chewed up and those strings can get entwined in their stomach and this could mean surgery.

Do not put bedding or towels in their crate to lay on. If a puppy chews on bedding of any kind this could be dangerous if swallowed. Goldens stay pretty warm on their own and do prefer a hard surface.

These are the pellets I use for potty training. You can get these at Pioneer feed store, right by my house or Wilco or any feed store should have these. You can get a cat litter box or a storage container (one that fits under a bed). Put a thin layer on bottom. This helps with potty training at night and you can sprinkle these outside in an area that you want them to go potty! I set up an x-pen with a litter box so they can use at night. I would do this for 10-14 days, enough time for them to get acclimated with their new area.

I will go through a lot of fun options with you for your new puppy!

Never put your dog on any kind of Grain Free food! (It has been found through studies that grain free can cause heart issues.) If you need to switch food per your vet due to food issues, that is fine, just not grain free!

Suggested items plus a potty chart to help train your new arrival.

1) Dog crate - this is great for potty training. You can get a wire crate that has an insert to keep crate smaller,(less room to move around and potty in. Once they can be trusted, you can gradually make crate bigger.  Another options is a hard shell crate. Important to have a crate in your car for traveling. (dog is safer in car if you ever have a fender bender).

Stainless steel food bowl and water bucket. Some Goldens eat way too fast. Get a slow feeder bowl so they cannot gobble it down. (I use a puzzle bowl for my young ones when needed).

Pictures of all the toys/chews I like using for my own puppies.)

I get a lot of my toys from Chewy.com

Goldens are strong chewers so beware that they do not swallow pieces. I like puppy Nylabones and you get buy bigger bones as they get older. I also like Braided Bully sticks but I only let them chew these while I can keep an eye on them. These will last for days when they are younger. (They will get wet and slimy-just put away and let it dry up again)

Kong toys: Fun ways to keep puppy entertained or for positive crate training. Get a kong and stuff with safe peanut butter or banana. I also make mashed banana and blueberries and freeze the kongs. This will take them much longer to finish.

Stuffed bones from Redbarn with peanut butter is another favorite. Get small size for now and bigger ones. as they grow.


I like to have a variety of toys for my own puppy because I can interchange them so it keeps it fun & interesting for the puppy. The puppies in my litters do play with some of these before going home.